Final Game EVER!

2010-01-10 14:49:09 by Charak

Cat with Bow Golf 2, WILL be in fact, the last game i will ever make!


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2010-01-10 23:30:11

Why? I enjoyed CWBG2.


2010-01-11 12:41:41

Seriously why stop? you cant tell its gonna be your last game ever and not tell us the reason!


2010-01-11 12:42:51

what about your older news saying you have many game engines? what you gonna do bout those? throw em away? You will have wasted alot of your time doing nothing if ya do that!

Charak responds:

No, im not gonna throw them out, im gonna sell them and get myself a laptop with the money if i can :)


2010-01-13 16:28:43

Someone stole it...


2010-01-13 16:37:45

If making games is something you're good at why stop? You could keep going couldn't you?

Charak responds:

Going to college, gonna learn alot of C++ gonna start on that


2010-01-21 19:27:09

:,( ,',',',',',',',',',',',',',',','',','


2010-01-26 23:11:34

Oh... but you'll still hang around here right?


2010-01-28 17:05:41

Would you mind sharing the kitty cat song? Want it as my cellphone signal! >:D